About Us

Whether you are aiming to improve your fitness, enhance your nutrition, or cultivate a balanced lifestyle, 3Prix is here to support you every step of the way.

We are Yoga & Nutrition Experts

We specialize in combining the ancient practice of yoga with modern nutritional science to offer you a holistic approach to wellness. Our expert team includes certified yoga instructors and experienced nutritionists who work together to help you achieve optimal health and balance.

We Help You Stay Healthy

The Trainers

Our trainers are the heart of our mission to help you live a healthier, happier life. Meet the experts who will guide you on your journey to optimal health.


Jamie Hofstadter

Joining The Trainers has been a life-changing experience. With their personalized training and nutritional guidance, I've not only achieved my fitness goals but also gained a new sense of confidence and well-being. The supportive community and expert advice have made all the difference. I'm happier and healthier than ever!

Annie Hofstadter

The Trainers have helped me transform my lifestyle in ways I never thought possible. Their holistic approach to health, focusing on both physical fitness and mental wellness, has been incredibly effective. I've learned how to manage stress, eat better, and stay active, all while enjoying the process. I'm truly grateful for the positive impact they've had on my life.

Happy Faces of Happy Students

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing the radiant smiles of our happy students. Our community is filled with inspiring individuals who have transformed their lives through dedication, hard work, and the expert guidance of our trainers.